Saturday, September 13, 2008

In memory you can help

Just a brief note late on a Saturday night. Sadly, two other folks I've corresponded with on my cancer listserves have passed away. One was a young reporter in England, Adrian Sudbury, who campaigned tirelessly for bone marrow donation. It's made me realize that I could do more to help others in my shoes. And if you're wondering how you might help, here are three suggestions:
* Register as a bone marrow donor.
* Donate your newborn's cord blood. (Cord blood transplants are an alternative when no matching bone marrow donor can be found.)
* Donate blood.
If you can do any of the above, thank you so much! As someone who benefited for two years from a cord blood donation and who currently is transfusion-dependent, I can vouch for how life-saving these donations can be.

P.S. My second round of treatment (this past week) went fine. If there's one thing that heavy-duty chemo does for you, it's make you appreciate the lighter stuff, the kind I'm taking now...

P.S.S. The photo is of lotus flowers at the Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens in D.C.