Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on my treatment

Just wanted to let you know that I finished my third round of Dacogen (straight up, no anti-nausea chaser) today. My doc says we should know by the end of the next cycle if it's working. That will happen in mid-April.

Since Dacogen is my last best option from the Western medicine world, I've decided to pursue some other avenues--just in case. I will be reading the Moss Report on AML over the next few weeks. Moss reviews all treatments for cancer, including alternative methods which are apparently a lot more commonly used in Europe. I hope to schedule a phone consult with him once I get through the report...

Lots of kind folks from around the country responded to my Huffington Post op-ed with various treatment suggestions. I'm going to look those over as well.

Signing off until next weekend. John and I are off for a mini-trip!

So they can avoid cancer....

Since eating habits begin in childhood--and eating habits are such an important risk factor in developing cancer, please consider signing an important new petition asking the government to provide healthier foods in the schools. The petition also calls on Congress to make sure that all kids at least have the option of a vegetarian option each day. This is an issue I worked on for years at PCRM and care a lot about. In many schools, kids have to choose between chicken nuggets and foot-long hotdogs. Please forward to all your friends and get your kids to sign as well!

If you're really into this topic and live in the DC area, check out this neat conference on childhood obesity my former employer is putting on this June.