Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I have a piece on HuffPost today

Here's the link to a piece I just wrote explaining how I can justify taking animal-tested drugs even though I'm against animal experiments. If you don't already know that I'm on hospice, I hope you wouldn't get upset by reading this article. Hospice has changed over the years and thanks to my wonderful health insurance, I can pursue treatment while I'm hospice. So, if I'm lucky and my medication starts working--which I certainly hope will happen--I can always get off hospice. Just wanted you all to know that!


  1. Simon,
    Great piece on HuffPo. This is a really tricky area for animal activists like myself. Your arguments are eloquent and spot-on. Take care,

  2. I read your piece on "" this evening. Thank you for sharing your arguments, your experience and for being a role model of critical thinking.