Sunday, August 17, 2008

A heron on the C & O Canal

Wow, two great days in a row. No chemo after-effects so far. This morning, John and I did four miles at one of my favorite spots on the C & O Canal, Violette's Lock. We saw turtles, cormorants, an osprey, butterflies, fish, Canada geese, and herons galore. Why does anyone need a zoo when we have so much wildlife just minutes from some of our biggest cities?

Veggie Therapy

Yesterday I attended the Cancer Symposium, an annual conference put on the organization I work for. It's a fabulous event that brings together cancer researchers with doctors, dietitians, and other health professionals--all interested in how the right foods can prevent cancer.

My boss, Neal Barnard, M.D., the president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and The Cancer Project, gave a fabulous talk about translating scientific research into policy. In other words, we already know a lot about how diet affects cancer risk but because of stranglehold the meat and junk-food industries have on the U.S. goverment, it's tough to get legislation passed to foster healthful eating.

(Right, I know "personal choice" is part of the equation, but let's face it: The feds have an enormous influence over what Americans eat. Through the School Lunch Program, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, the Food Guide Pyramid, subsidies to the meat industry, and dozens of other programs, the federal government influences how much food costs and what Americans end up eating. Ever wonder why a hamburger is cheaper than a salad?)

There's a ton of additional information about these issues on PCRM's web site, if you're interested, but meanwhile I wanted to share one of my favorite PCRM public service announcements on the subject.