Friday, October 31, 2008

Seattle days

I had a great visit with my favorite Fred Hutch doctor yesterday. He validated the treatment course my D.C. doctor and I had settled on a couple of months ago and gave me some additional helpful information in case the drug I'm currently taking doesn't work. I'm really happy I met with him.

He also recommended a transfusion so I'll spend this morning in the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance infusion room--another procedure for old time's sake. (Halloween, a perfect time for a transfusion!)

Fortunately, the extreme fatigue (caused by a low hematocrit) didn't begin on Wednesday until after I was able to enjoy a fabulous hike with two friends, Julie Friedman and her beau Jeff Stone (two of those Seattle angels who visited me in D.C. this summer). We spent the day in one of my favorite hiking spots, Umtanum Canyon near Yakima in Eastern Washington.

This area is famous for its big-horned sheep which we were very lucky to spot. The gorgeous yellow cottonwood leaves were flitting in the breeze and we saw plenty of evidence of beavers. Unfortunately, we ran into two Cheney-look-a-like hunters--with dogs and rifles--right on this well-trodden trail!

One more walk on the itinerary, several more visits with friends (and hopefully, a few more gourmet vegan dinners!) and then home to D.C. on Sunday.