Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling good this week

As many of you know, I've had a tough time since July. (In fact, I never imagined I would be around to celebrate Bush being booted out of office.) But what's amazing this week--besides getting to experience some of the excitement of the Inauguration--is that I have actually felt pretty damned good much of the time. I'm still living on frequent transfusions, but I'm much less tired and haven't had a high fever in more than a week. It could be the Prednisone--which I've had to increase--but as I know from dealing with this disease, it could be anything. I have no idea if this will last, but we're knocking on every piece of available wood! Here's a photo from Sunday; we did an hour walk along the river.

A great night!

D.C. is unbelievably electric right now and I am SO grateful that I feel good enough to enjoy some of the excitement. Most things are way too crowded for an immune-suppressed germaphobe like me but tonight I got to attend the "Saging of the White House" with comic Kate Clinton. It was fabulous. The idea was to use the old Native American tradition of burning sage incense to spiritually cleanse something. In this case, Clinton, a rabbi, a shaman, and several hundred of us gathered to sage the White House of the evil doings of the past eight years. (Since there was too much security at the White House, the saging was held in Dupont Circle.) I don't have a pic of the saging, but here's a snap of a giant blow-up dummy representing Bush. Folks were having a great time throwing shoes at it!

P.S. For a good photo of the Bush effigy, click here.