Sunday, October 19, 2008

This day cancels out the bad ones

During my bad weeks, I begin to wonder if fighting so hard against the cancer is worth it, but a day like today overrides all that negativity.

John and I had an absolutely gorgeous kayak on the Pocomoke River today in southeastern Maryland. We had the wind at our backs, the tide in our favor, and the eventual cooperation of a reticent sun.

The Pocomoke is more like southern rivers, with bald cypress trees and dark tannin-filled water. We were literally the only people on our section of the river for three hours. Just us and the birds and the gorgeous fall colors. No mosquitos and even more important, no hunters! Drifting downstream in conditions like these--pretty perfect.

Lesson #587: I had been sick on Friday night and afraid my hemoglobin was getting too low, but we took the chance and drove out to the Eastern Shore anyway. As some folks in D.C. say, "have a blessed day." And we did.

P.S. Here's a picture of the Pocomoke Canoe Company in Snow Hill, a fabulous canoe/kayak outfitter that portaged us back up the river. Snow Hill has a bit of a charm, as well as a neat little restaurant -- the Palette -- with some vegetarian options.