Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here's to the animals who keep us going...

Cats and dogs are such wonderful companions, especially to those of us dealing with serious illness. Unfortunately, some transplant patients are told to give up their pets because of the germs.

I was lucky because Fred Hutch said I could keep my kitties as their research showed people heal better with their loved ones around. Some brave transplant patients ignore their doctors' advice--believing that giving up their animals would actually be harmful to their health. Here's an excellent article on the topic in USA Today. A couple of months old, but well worth the read.

Up above is Cinders, a sweet girl who lasted through my transplant, but who succumbed to her own illness and old age--22! (My dear friend Ellen gave her a home while I underwent the transplant.) And here's a pic of Fatty who is still with me, every step of the way. Especially if there are plenty of rest breaks.