Thursday, October 9, 2008

Past the "hump day" of the third round

I know some of you wonder how my third round of Vidaza is going. Like the earlier two rounds, it's hardly fun but definitely a snap compared to heavier chemo that I've had. I've even been able to walk to some of the treatments. (Good exercise and much cheaper than parking tickets!)

At any rate, we will not know until after the fourth round--when I have another bone marrow biopsy--whether this drug is working.

One more shout out for the wonderful folks who donate blood. I had another transfusion on Tuesday and am so grateful for their generosity.

If you would like to help the cause in some way, please think about giving blood. In fact, Halloween is the perfect time!

Here's a fun holiday-inspired blood drive in Seattle. Other cities may have similar events but even if they're not, there are blood donation centers set up all around the country. Forgive my warped sense of humor, but all this focus on blood makes me think of vampires! (Sorry--the link in the graphic doesn't work.)