Thursday, August 28, 2008

My nephew writes me a song

Warning to any die-hard cynics: This is definitely my most sentimental posting yet! My 10-year-old nephew, Sam Chai Lynn, just wrote me a song. Since no one has ever written me a song before, I have to share it. (Just click on the title.)

Sam has been one of the main reasons I've done so well over the past few years. A vegetarian, people person, and all-around great kid, Sam has been unbelievably kind. Whether it's picking up the phone and calling me on his own or making me gorgeous dream-catchers with hopeful messages, Sam knows how to make this girl smile.

Please vote "No" on AOL poll about hot dog ad

The TV ad I wrote about hot dogs few months ago is the subject of an AOL poll right now. AOL is asking if the ad goes "too far."

Please take a minute to vote "no" on the poll and forward to your friends.

Here's the link:

If you've read my blog, you know this ad is based on the most comprehensive (and one of the most rigorous) scientific reviews ever published. Unfortunately, the Associated Press story posted on AOL has numerous inaccuracies so many readers believe the ad goes too far. (For more information, visit

Help us change their minds!